Sunday, May 22, 2011

What happens when Mom is away....

I went to a lovely wedding shower this weekend in Michigan. I had a very nice time at the shower and had a great time with my mom and sister. I did not bring my camera and it is not really a great blog-able event. Soooo, I will blog about what Daddy took Ben, Jack and Drew to do while I was away.

Isn't that nice, they are going to be in a race.

On your mark, get set....

Go Ben!! this is a different kind of race.

Go Jack!!!

Jack still in the mud pit.

Drew in the mud pit.

Ben in the mud.

Post Race Picture

(Ben, Jack, Drew)

"I wanted to go faster so I swam in the mud."


Drew is ready to go for next year!

Next year, Daddy and Charlie want to join in the fun. Me??? Not so much!!


The Wright Trips said...

Haha...that was awesome! I bet they had the time of their lives!

Cathy said...

I will take your place Kelly!! Looks like a lot of fun... once I can find water-proof hearing aids!

Way to go Boys! ;)

Jennifer said...

Oh, how fun!!! Thanks for posting the pictures. Pricelenss!