Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Same Class for My Triplets...NO WAY!!!

Whether or not to place multiples in the same class at school is probably one of the most debated topics within the "multiples community". While we've always felt that our triplets needed to be in separate classrooms, I still enjoy listening to people's reasons for the placements that they choose for their children.

One of the reasons that many people choose to keep their multiples together is because they figure it is easier on the family to have the same homework, on the same night, for as many kids as possible.

I used to think that made sense.

Then.... we had 3 dioramas due on the same day.


That's a lot of shoeboxes, paper, dirt, string, balloons, clay, cutting, drawing and glueing.

In spite of the cute smiles that they are faking in the pictures, 8 year old boys do NOT want to make dioramas. Oddly enough, 4 year old boys DO want to make dioramas. So the whole time we were hunting down three shoe boxes and researching, and painting, and cutting, and glueing the habitats of a beluga whale, a beetle and an aardvark, Charlie was following us around yelling "WHEN ARE WE GOING TO MAKE MY CAMEL?!?!?"

But, we survived and I think they turned out pretty well.

Ben's Beetle in the Rainforest
Jack's Beluga Whale

Drew's Aardvark

And, if life wasn't "fun" enough, the Cub Scout Cake Bake Contest was the same day that the dioramas were due. Supervising the creation of three dioramas AND three cakes must qualify me for some sort of raise, or bonus, or something.

So after school that day, we quickly threw together three GoGo Crazy Bones cakes. They didn't win any awards, but Drew said his cake ROCKED because it was the first cake to be completely eaten. by the scouts ;)

And, although we never got to that camel diorama, Charlie did manage to design his own GoGo's cake. Whew!

Now it is back to the world that I know, where the same math homework comes home on 3 different days. Lovin' life again!!!


Karla said...

I heard a saying once..."God only gives you what you can handle." You go girl!!!

Katie said...

sounds like the bandaid method to me - pull it off fast and you won't feel the pain for that long? haha... sounds like you did awesome!

Cathy said...

LOL!! I already knew your answer with just looking at your headline!! That is awesome!! My favorite part is the fact that Charlie doesn't want to be left out!! Hey... you might as well let him start now and it will be already done when he needs it in 4 years! ;)