Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bye Bye Preschool. :(

Charlie is an official "preschool graduate".

Last day of preschool with his friend/carpool buddy, Allison.

Charlie and his teacher on the last day of school.

Charlie was really, really lucky with his first teacher. She is fabulous. Charlie loves her. Even though he apparently didn't really like getting his picture taken with her.

Thankfully, for the last day of school picture, I was able to get him to stand still for 1/2 second longer than I got him on the 1st day of school picture when he was 3.

Wow, that time went fast!!

Charlie's first day August, 2009..

He was so little.

He didn't know how to zip his backpack. Heck, he didn't even have any curls. ;-)

Now, he is a preschool graduate and one of the "big kids".

Speaking of "Big Kids", it wasn't so long ago that they were starting preschool...

Awww....even though Ben looks a little uncertain leaving the car on his first day, I loved that place!

Charlie is ready for kindergarten, he knows his numbers, he knows his letters, he plays with friends, he even learned how to open his Capri Sun. I'm ready for him to go to kindergarten too. He will be one of their little guys with that July birthday, but I know that he is ready and will do well. I'm excited for his new adventure. But, I am really going to miss that preschool. What a special place with amazing people. We will be eternally grateful for all that they did for our boys.

I hope they let *me* come visit. :)

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