Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Rookie...

Baseball season officially started tonight. All of the boys had their first games of the season...

...and Charlie had his first baseball (t-ball) game ever.

Since Spencer is coaching the "big" boys' team, I took Charlie to his game.

The game was going really well... until the 2nd batter, when Charlie started yelling to me from left field. "Mom, I've gotta go POTTY!!".

Shortly after that picture was taken, he came running in, mid-inning, because he had to go "NOW!". So, we took a quick potty break at a friend's house and then got back to the game...

There were some common rookie not noticing the inning was over when playing 3rd base.

Where did everyone go???

Once again not noticing the inning was over after making it to 1st base.

Once again, where is everyone???

And sometimes it is hard for a rookie to stay focused for the whole 4 innings...

Overall, it was a great game!

And after 4 years, Charlie finally got his OWN snack. He didn't even have to mooch off of his brothers or their teammates.

Go Charlie!!!

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Jennifer said...

Oh, sooo funny! Priceless!!!