Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer of Ben...

I have so much to post about from this summer and tons, and tons of pictures. In case you were wondering what Ben has been up to this summer, here you go. Don't worry, more pictures and stories will follow.

"Summer" officially began with a Ben/Jack/Drew Birthday Blowout on the last day of school.
Ben's spring soccer season didn't end until almost July...

And, started up again in August.

Ben's favorite position in baseball was "catcher" this year. He also got quite a bit of pitching experience and rotated around a lot of other prime positions.

And, we can't forget swimming. Early morning practices and late night swim meets kept Ben busy.

Our handsome boy at Michael and Heather's wedding. More will come about that fabulous day.

And, then of course, vacation. Lots of time to play wiffle ball on the beach.

And, boogie boarding.

In his spare time, Ben toured Citizens Bank Park...and gave a press conference. :)After vacation, it was back to work...feeding all of the starving children.

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