Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Summer of Charlie...

Summer wouldn't be summer without Baseball.

Charlie turned FIVE years old!!

And, had his first "kid birthday party".
Do you think Charlie liked the helmet that he got from his Grandmom Adelaide for his birthday?!?!

A very important job, on a very important day...
Party Time!

Silly Charlie.Fireworks at the Indians Game...

Fireworks at the White Sox Game.

According to Charlie, his favorite part of the White Sox game was the fireworks. Can you tell???

Vacation Time...

Vacation Bible School. Look at our little guy singing and dancing. :) I love VBS! On the way home one day, Jack was picking on Charlie. Charlie looked right at Jack and said "JACK! YOU CAN'T SCARE ME BECAUSE GOD MADE ME!!". You go Charlie!

Charlie riding the Demon at Great America. Amazing that he wanted to ride it...the Demon goes upside-down 4 times! Charlie Rocks!

And, this post wouldn't be complete without a picture of Charlie RUNNING into school on his first real day of kindergarten.

Luckily, I got Ben to grab him for a picture before he went in the building.

His first day went very well. The only minor problem was that it started storming about 10 minutes after school started and stormed all. day. long. Charlie feels the same way about thunder that he feels about fireworks (see above). Yep, the kid will ride upside-down roller coasters, but is afraid of thunder and fireworks. Regardless, I'm fairly certain that he walked around his first day of kindergarten with his hands over his ears, but his teacher never called and according to Charlie, there were no tears. I'll call that a successful day. And, a nice way to end a great summer.


Jennifer said...

What a fun little boy you have. I LOVE the picture of him riding the waves. Blow that one up!

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