Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kindergarten Soccer...

Charlie just finished his first season of soccer. Spencer also just finished his first season of "coaching" soccer. He actually just volunteered to HELP the real coach this season. Basically, he volunteered to wrangle kids. But, the coach's schedule ended up filling up so, Spencer was "promoted" to head-coach for most of the games. Coaching kindergarten soccer does not look easy, but he did great. Most of the kids kicked the right way...most of the time. And, I think that he was happy that none of the kids needed help from "Coach Spencer" in getting their pony tails through their hat holes, like when he coached kindergarten t-ball a few years ago.

Go Coach!
Charlie enjoyed his soccer season very much.

He really liked the socializing part of soccer and the running around (bouncing around would be more accurate for Charlie) part of soccer.

Now, I do not believe that kindergarten soccer is any indicator of what kind of soccer player/athlete these kids will turn out to be. Therefore, it is, with love, that I will post the rest of my pictures of Charlie's kindergarten soccer experience...

Sometimes, when you are five, it is hard to remember that the soccer "ready pose" is quite a bit different than the baseball "ready pose". It just complicates things to be a 2 sport athlete.Charlie...where is the ball???Once again, Charlie....WHERE IS THE BALL?!?! It's also hard to be an all-star soccer player with only one shoe.Charlie's turn in the goal.

He wasn't as excited as you might imagine.

And, didn't know what to think of the gloves.

For the last game of the season, I offered a bribe for Charlie to keep Charlie focused on the game, and the ball. It didn't work. :( But, we'll be sure to send this picture in to the newspaper when you are a professional soccer player.

If nothing else, Kindergarten soccer is definitely entertaining to watch.

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Okay, this is the funniest post ever! Thanks for sharing!!!