Sunday, March 4, 2012

Growing up...

We have the most interesting conversations in the car.  Here is our Sunday morning conversation that we had this morning on the way home from church.  Just for the record, this had nothing to do with anything that was mentioned in church today.

Jack:  "Hey Mom, did you know that same-sex marriage is allowed in 8 states?"

Me:  "Yes, I did know that.  Where did you hear about that?"

Jack:  "I think I heard it on the news, Massachusetts was number 8."

Since this topic hadn't really come up before, I asked them if they knew what same-sex marriage was.  Ben, Jack and Drew told me that they did.  Then I told them about how even thought it is legal in 8 states, our Church does not perform same-sex marriages and we talked a bit about that.  At which point, Drew jumps into the conversation with two feet....

Drew:  "Well, if I ever *ACCIDENTALLY* ended up in a same-sex marriage, I sure hope that I wouldn't have to be the BRIDE!"

Well, ok then.

We then continued the conversation and talked about whatever our feelings are about same-sex marriages, it is not a reason to dislike people that make a different choice or to make them feel bad, and everyone is entitled to make their own decisions.

Ben then said:  "It is like an OPINION!  Everyone can have an opinion and they can all be different and that is ok."

And, finally, Charlie, who has been quiet through this whole conversation, contributed...

Charlie:  "Just like we don't hate people that don't have red, and blue, and green and yellow as their favorite colors.  Because my OPINION is that those are MY favorite colors."

Yes, exactly, just like that, I guess.

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