Monday, March 5, 2012

Well, that could have gone better....

Last Sunday was the Cub Scout Cake Bake.  We were busy Friday night and all day Saturday so, that left us Sunday, until 3:00, to get 3 cakes made and decorated.  As soon as we got up, we got busy making cakes.  I figured if we got them all baked before church, that would leave plenty of time in the afternoon to get them decorated.  It was going very well.  The first cake was in the oven, the batter for the 2nd cake was ready to go and the boys were sitting at the counter eating breakfast.  

Someone needed a knife so, I quickly opened the silverware drawer to get the knife.  Unfortunately, the cord of the portable mixer was caught on the drawer.  The mixer was still in the batter bowl.  When I flung open the drawer, the full batter bowl flew off the counter, somersaulted, fell to the floor and bounced.  It was a disaster.

Look closely at the ceiling.  See the big splotch of batter on the ceiling?  This picture does not even come close to showing what a mess it was.  Batter was literally dripping from the ceiling.  Yuck!

In spite of the "disaster", we did manage to pull off 3 cakes...barely.  I think my kitchen may be permanently gritty, but the cakes got made.

Drew tried for a "win" and went for the obscure "school spirit" category.  Unfortunately, there was no "school spirit" category so, he just had a flat round cake with blue wavy frosting and a bad gel-drawing of a dolphin.

Ben couldn't even go to the "Cake Bake" this year because he had a soccer conflict.  I think he decided that he wanted to participate just so he could play with frosting and eat more cake.  He made a cake of his favorite word...Neb.  He's such a dork, but had a great time designing his own cake and his friends got a good chuckle out of it.

Jack, on the other hand, had a real plan.  He wanted a Rubik's Cube cake.  He took it very seriously and even left a shopping list for me Friday morning.  He had it all planned out...."orange frosting, yellow frosting, blue frosting, red frosting, green frosting, white frosting, black frosting and lots of baking soda".  Unfortunately for him, his mother is soooo not a baker that I had to ask him why he needed lots of baking soda.  He informed me that it is baking soda that makes the cake bigger.  Who knew?!?!

I know that Jack was very proud of his cake even though he titled it "A Messed Up Rubik's Cube".  

Better luck next year....for all of us!

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Jennifer said...

"A messed Up Rubic's Cube"... hilarious!!!
And just so you know, I'm taking over as bake-off overseerer next year!!! :-)