Tuesday, December 8, 2009

According to Jack...

Santa Claus is real....without a doubt!

Blitzen is definitely real: "...because how else is Santa supposed to get to all of those houses on Christmas Eve"

Now, as for Rudolph. Jack seems to be a little skeptical. He is just not sure whether or not Rudolph exists. BUT, he is absolutely sure that "the movie Rudolph is definitely fiction, because *everyone* knows that there is no way that an ELF would want to be a DENTIST!!"

Well, ok then. Thanks a lot Hermie!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!! I got your Christmas Card and I love the picture - great idea with the baseball shirts. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far!

Cathy said...

LOL!! I love it!!!

Yea... thanks for your card! Your card was the first one hanging on my door! Only got one other photo card so far! Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog over the past couple weeks and I'm finally all caught up! Yep... I started all the way back at the beginning. Your boys are adorable and it seems you have done a really great job raising them. I love the funny stories and especially the conversations between them! I can't wait to read more!