Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Letter....Part I (Charlie)

Charlie never gets to go first so, I decided to cover him first in our "Christmas Letter".

Hmmmm....where to begin. It's been a big year for Charlie. He turned 3 years old in July and has not looked back. He was potty trained at the end of the summer, started preschool in August and moved to a "Big Boy Bed" in October. I must say that all of those transitions were pretty painless. For some reason, doing all of those things x1 is much less tramatic then doing them all x3.

Charlie has turned into quite the little chatterbox. For a kid that didn't spit out his first word until 2 months before he turned 2, he has come a LONG way and is almost caught up with his peers. It is so fun to hear all that he has to say...and it is a lot! With all of his talking, we are discovering that he has quite a sense of humor. Unfortunately, I think he got most of his sense of humor from his 7 year old brothers. He finds any mention of the toilet or underwear absolutely hilarious and his current favorite thing to do is say "MOM!" and then when I say "what", he says "NEVERMIND!!" and starts laughing hysterically. He also throws quotes from movies and tv shows into conversation in a really appropriate and funny way. He is quite the little comedian and loves "performing" for his favorite audience...his big brothers.

As far as other interests, Charlie is deep in a Thomas the Train phase. He loves playing with his trains, was Thomas for Halloween, we have to "visit" (look at the boxes) the Thomas trains every time we grocery stop at Target and Thomas trains are the only thing that Charlie has asked Santa to bring for Christmas. Charlie has also been participating in a park district soccer class which he long as none of the other kids take *his* ball. He also enjoys music very much....from all of the new songs that he learned at preschool (especially Slippery Fish) to the Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, Abba and "Joy to the World" by 3 Dog Night. There is not much funnier than a 3 year old walking into a party and being very excited because he can hear "Mimmy Muffet" singing "Cheeseburger in Paradise" on the stereo.

This has been a very good year for Charlie. He is becoming such a big "little boy" and it is so fun to watch him grow. One of *my* favorite things about Charlie this year is his baby sweetness is still there. He has the softest cheeks and hair. He also the greatest hugs and has recently added real kisses to his repitoire....if you don't mind him grabbing your head and twisting it, you will receive the best little peck on the cheek that you could imagine. So sweet.

I guess this "Charlie post" illustrates the reason that I do not do a Christmas would cost me too much money in extra postage. :)

Ok, one kid down 3 more to do...


Cathy said...

I love it!! Charlie has grown a lot this past year and I am so thrilled to see that he doesn't cry at me anymore...that is a huge change for me! ;) It was really sweet to get a hug from him before I left your house last week... I really didn't want him to let go! ;) He is such a cutie and he really does have that sweet baby face and I love his blond hair... I loved it more when it was longer and curlier! ;) Don't you wish he can stay at this age forever! ;)

Have an awesome Christmas Charlie and I am looking forward to see what 2010 will bring for you!

~~Mel~~ said...

I loved reading all about your sweet Charlie!