Monday, December 21, 2009

Disney ROCKS!!

I love Disney. We've been talking about doing a full Disney vacation for a while now and decided that the boys are at a perfect age. We stayed at the Old Key West Resort lived in the utopian world of Disney for a week.

Since the boys missed a week of school, I "made" them do some extra school work by doing a "worksheet" about the vacation. They, in turn, made me do the same worksheet. Obviously, I thought it was only fair the Spencer should have to do it too. The answers were cute, so I'm sharing them here.

What was your favorite part of the vacation?

Drew: "In the front desk building, there's HILARIOUS cartoons"
Ben: "going to shops"
Jack: "Going to Hollywood Stuidos"
Mom: "Eating at Olivia's and being silly"
Dad: "Taking the boys on the "scary rides", dinners at Olivia's and EPCOT fireworks."
Hollywood Studios Christmas Lights

What was your favorite ride?

Drew: "Splash Mountain"
Ben: "Rock In Rollercoaster"
Jack: "Aerosmith and Splash Mountain"
Mom: "Rock & Roller Coaster"
Dad: "Splash Mountain"

48" exactly for his "favorite ride"

Although from this picture it is difficult to tell that this is Jack on his FAVORITE ride!
Hang on Jack!! ;)

Charlie says his favorite ride was the "red train", but he looked pretty gosh darn happy driving the car too.

Splash Mountain

What was your least favorite ride:

Drew: "Probably Dinosaur"
Ben: "Tea Pots"
Jack: "Dinosaur"
Mom: "Astro Orbiter"
Dad: "Normally it would be It's a Small World, but because Charlie liked it so much, it wasn't this time."

Were you ready to come home?

Drew: "No, when you're busy, it feels so short!"
Ben: "No because I had so much fun."
Jack: "Yes, the weather was getting colder."
Mom: "Yes and No, I was sad to leave the nice weather, but Disney was getting very crowded and a bit cold."
Dad: "Yes, we had done a lot and it was about to get really crowded."

Where do you want to go on the next vacation?

Drew: "New Jersey, because we do every summer."
Ben: "Penstate, because the Phillies play in that state."
Jack: "Central California because I am interested in real life lizards." (don't ask....I have no idea)
Mom: "Disney because I *LOVE* it there!"
Dad: "OC, NJ...'cause that's where we're going."

What is the funniest/silliest thing that happened on your vacation?

Drew: "Really, I think the movies were cartoons"
Ben: "The movies in the lobby. My favorite one was the Goofy football game because his pants kept falling down."
Jack: "At the front desk, there was this hilarious cartoon.
Mom: "Watching Daddy run after the buses."
Dad: "Ben talking about how much he liked the mussels that he was eating and then discovering that Ben was eating the whole and all. And, the really funny part was that after it was pointed out to Ben that he was not supposed to eat the shell, he did not like the mussels anymore. I guess the shell was the only part that he liked. "

"I love mussels"

"But Ben, this is the way that you are supposed to eat them!"


Jennifer said...

Awewsome post!!! Glad you all had a blast! Thanks for sharing the answers and for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing - it sounds like you all had a BLAST!!! I am so glad you took the time before it got really busy - Merry Christmas- Elane

Cathy said...

I love it!!! Great Post!! And I love the group photo in the end! Next time... I wanna go to Disney with you!! ;)

Tasha said...

Family vacations are soooo important ,I'm glad you went and did it before the crowds and had an awesome time.