Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentines...

Jack's Card
I should have taken a picture instead of a scan because the "suprise" is the hear that pops out. You just can't tell in the scan.
Charlie's card
We have a Charlie Heart and a Mom Heart.
Not sure what the rest of it says.
It always gets a little sticky when Charlie writes something because he doesn't always put his letters in the right order, or even use all of the letters. Sometimes, he just writes the first letter of all of the words...which makes it really difficult to figure out. Then, he won't tell me what it says because he wants me to read it like I read everyone elses.'s hard being the youngest, I guess. Anyway, we never did get to the bottom of what else he wrote on the card. But, I do love the card, and he used my favorite color paper. :)
Ben's Card:
I feel so loved. :)

{Back} Drew's cards are always never quite know what he is going to say. Like when he was in kindergarten, this is what his card said...

"To: Mom
From: Drew
I love you because you are my Valentine.
I love you when
I'm sad
I will love you whatever

LOL...I think Drew may be a future card writer for Hallmark, this is what he gave me this year...
"Dear Mom,
You are a great mom. I would never prefer a mom more than you.

My Head Valentine, got me an awesome card too. I'm a lucky lady with my 5 Valentines. :)

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Jennifer said...

Oh, that is so sweet. How nice that all your valentines thought of you :-). BTW- I remember Drew's kindergarten card... hilarious!