Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some days it would be nice to go back in time...

to this...

This was the day Charlie was born. The boys were quietly singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to Charlie. Charlie ended up scaring away Ben and Jack, but Jack came back and sang it again by himself. It was very sweet.

Now 4 and 1/2 years later, some day we still catch glimpses of that brotherly love....but other days, not so much.

One day last week, Jack and Charlie were not showing eachother a lot of "brotherly love". In fact, they were being borderline nasty to eachother. I was DONE and made them sit on the stairs together (our version of a naughty chair).

After *I* cooled down, I gave them the "mom lecture" that they had earned. I then told them that they could get off the stairs after they said something nice about their brother.

Jack, in his best mumbley voice, said: "ummm....I'm glad you're my LITTLE brother".

Charlie sat silently thinking for a minute. Then he looked at Jack and said "I like your SOCKS!!!"

Then they both ran off.


And, just for the record, they were white socks, plain white socks, with Hanes written on the bottom...just like the rest of the socks in the house.

Strange kids...


Cathy said...

Was there a video clip in this post? I couldn't see it.

But you made me laugh out loud with their "nice" comments!! I LOVE IT!! I would loved to seen that in person!

Cathy said...

OK... just refreshed my screen and saw the video... very cute! Good job Jack! ;)