Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Feud

Have you seen the "Name something you pass around". Family Feud clip? If you didn't catch it floating around Facebook, you should really check it out. Steve Harvey is hilarious. Here is the link.

Jack and I were playing Family Feud the other night on Wii....finally a Wii game that *I* can win. Woo Hoo!! It was really a lot of fun playing with him and some of his answers cracked me up.

During the bonus round part of the show, I played first while Jack went and hid and then he came back and played the 2nd guy. Toward the end of the game, Ben and Drew came down to watch.

A question came up asking for "An occasion that you dress in formal wear".

I answered "a wedding". Ben and Drew were not impressed, and were really surprised when it came up as the "number one answer". I believe their direct quote was "huh?"

When that question came up for Jack, he quickly and confidently answered "First Communion". Drew got very excited and shouted "that was MY answer!!!". Ben agreed too.

These boys were TICKED OFF when it showed up as ZERO points. They absolutely could not believe it!!

Now that I think about it, I can't believe they didn't get any points either...
And, if you are in the mood for another Family Feud Funny, you HAVE to see this one!! We laughed and lauged about this. Watch both contestants...hilarious. Here is the link.


The Wright Trips said...

Oh my lord...I was cracking up at the "Something you pass around" question. Hilarious! And then when it topped the communion plate!! hahaha. I love Steve Harvey's face.

Jennifer said...

After seeing that picture and remembering how precious the boys were while receiving thier first communion, I think they were right, and I hope you gave Jack points :-).