Thursday, March 24, 2011


Have you met Mr. Competitive??

Jack is one of the most competitive people that I have ever met. I'm beginning to think that Jack brings "competitiveness" to a whole new level.

A couple of weeks ago, we attempted to go on a Cub Scout "hike". Unfortunately, we had the wrong day so, nobody was there except for our neighbors that strangely enough made the same mistake that we did. Since it was a nice afternoon, we decided to do our own hike with our 4 boys, and our neighbor's 2 boys.

While we were on our hike, we came across a baseball field. It was a really nice little league field with real dugouts. The 6 little boys were in heaven!! There was a lot of running around, and pretend baseball being played. Ben was happy practicing his form pitching and running around the bases. Drew was having a great time pretending he was a real baseball player on tv. Charlie was beyond excited that he was on the "Red Team". All he really did was sit in the dugout, the red dugout, and shout about 5,000 times that "I am on the RED favorite color!!".

And, then we have Jack. Now remember that we had no bats or balls on this particular day. This minor fact did not stop Jack. He was very, very into this pretend game of baseball.

At one point, Jack was "pitching" and Ben was "batting". Ben apparently hit Jack's pretend pitch deep into right field. Jack was NOT happy. He seriously could not believe that Ben hit his perfect pitch so far. Then, he really became irate when he realized that nobody was playing right field and Ben was surely going to score a homerun. I'm sure that in his head, he was mathematically calculating how this was going to damage his ERA in the pretend baseball league.

So, his arms started flailing, and his feet started stomping, and then in his most exasperated voice, he started shouting at all of his brothers and friends"HEEEEYYYYY!!!! WHERE ARE ALL MY OUTFIELDERS?!?!?!". It was like he was a crazy person.

He was actually so mad that Spencer had to yell in to remind Jack that they were playing a PRETEND game of baseball...that was supposed to be fun....and, that there wasn't actually a BALL!!

***In other news...

There was recently a contest at school for the "best authors". Strangely enough, this story is not about Jack, who, obviously, loves contests...whatever kind of contest it might be.


Even more strange, this story is not about Drew, who actually WON the contest!! Before people start yelling at me, I promise that I'll blog his winning story another time. I just need the author's permission. ;)
Nope, this particular story is about Ben... sweet, innocent, peaceful, gentle Ben.

Most people do not realize this, but Ben is quite the comedian. He is very much into shouting, singing, dancing, goofball faces, silly humor.

Needless to say, Ben's story for the contest was a bit silly and crazy. The story was basically about a boy taking a vacation/road trip with his family and a few strange things that happened to him while on the trip. He worked very hard on his story and did a great job. I was very proud of Ben. His story was perfect.... except for one little thing.

A few pages into the story he wrote "3 hours later we were there. "Ohio" I screamed so loud that my mom and dad told me to "SHUT UP!". "

Why would he write that?!? And, more importantly, do all of the school people that read Ben's story think that we talk to like that to our kids. wonder those boys are so well behaved, their parents are evil!! I'm fairly certain that as much as my kids like to talk/shout/sing, I have never yelled at them to SHUT UP!

***Are you wondering why I decided to post these two unrelated stories together??? It's actually midnight now and I'm wondering the same thing myself. I'm worried that this might be a little weak, but here goes...

Last night, we had a Cub Scout Den Meeting. Toward the end of the meeting, we had a few extra minutes so the boys were playing Paper/Scissors/Rock in a sort of Star Wars themed tournament style. Everyone was having fun and were still talking about it as they were leaving.

I should re-phrase.... Everyone was talking about the fun as they were leaving and everyone (except JACK!!) was having fun. Jack was going on and on about how he was "wronged" in the P/S/R tournament. He was really worked up over a silly game that could not even have a winner. As we were walking out to the car, I got frustrated with his attitude and yelled at him about how he was being silly, and it was just paper/scissors/rock, and it was supposed to be for FUN...and that it didn't matter who won.

I then started the car and Abba's "Winner Takes it All" came BLASTING through the car radio. OMG, SERIOUSLY?!?! Now, Spencer is out of town, I'm exhausted, I just spent an hour with 8 - 8year olds and a 4 year old playing games, I just spent the last 5 minutes arguing/lecturing Jack about who won a stupid game with no winners and now, some dumb lady from Abba jumped all over me about how "winning is everything". And, at that point, I may have yelled "SHUT UP YOU CRAZY LADY!!" at the radio.


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