Thursday, March 10, 2011

I've been FIRED!!

I've never been fired before in my life. Until today.... when I received an official "Notice of Termination" from the Amazon Associates Program.

I'm crushed because in the last 3 years, I have earned a whole $1.47. I earned that big money by advertising books from Amazon on my blog. Now what am I supposed to do....we've got all these kids to support???

So, do you want to know what horrible thing I did to get fired from my $1.47/3 year salary???

I got fired because I live in the state of Illinois. Really! Our Governor has been so busy....between raising our income tax 66% and eliminating the Death Penalty since the 1st of the year and he still had time to pass a law requiring internet companies to start collecting sales tax from customers in Illinois if the internet company has an "affiliate" in the state of Illinois. My $1.47 in earnings qualifies me as an "affiliate" of Amazon so, they had to fire me unless they wanted to collect sales tax on ALL of their sales in Illinios.

Here are the details of my firing, if you a tax geek, like me...

So, as of April 15, 2011 you can no longer fund our retirement by buying my "recommended" books. I thought I would help Amazon out (and screw Illinois in the process) by selling as many books as I can in the next month. Let's see if we can get me all the way up to $2.00.
Here goes:

This is the best book that I've read in a long time. First of all, I've enjoyed most all of Jodi Picoult's books. This one is about a kid that has Aspergers Syndrome. Each chapter is written in the voice of a character in the book. I found the chapters written by the kid with Aspergers really, really interesting. It was an excellent book and I highly recommend it if you like that type of book. I do want to add that I was disappointed in the end. It wasn't so much that it was a bad ending, it was just a little too abrupt for me. I would have been happy with another chapter to get the reactions from all of the characters.

I read this one a while ago, but it left a big impression with me and gave me a lot to think about. It is written by a guy that is out to solve the problems of Afghanistan and Pakistan by building schools. Hmmm....too bad some other people didn't think of that, like 25 years ago...before the Radical Muslims got a jump-start on it. Anyway, very interesting book!!

This is a "big" kids book. I read the first one to the boys and I LOVED it!! I think that the boys were a bit too young for it so, I haven't read the next one yet. But, I hope they are ready soon. The book incorporates a lot of history, and mystery, and travel/culture. Each book in the series is written by a different famous author, which I think will be fun to follow.

Finally, The Shack is a book that I would like to re-read every couple of years. The author did a great job explaining his perception of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. But, don't let that "scare" you. It is a relatively easy to read book that gave me a lot to think about/sort out in my head. Trust me, read it. :)

And, finally for complete mindless entertainment, I've been reading the Twilight series. It is good, but I don't love it as much as most people. I just finished the 2nd book and bought the 3rd. I was disappointed to discover that Bella doesn't get her love life sorted out in this one. I just want to get it finished and find out how it ends. But, it is entertaining.

So, that concludes the final edition of my book reviews. I was really just kidding about buying them from my links. I don't even know if Amazon will send me a check for $2. They will probably charge me a $5 processing fee for my check. I just took the opportunity to make my recommendations.
Happy Reading...and let me know what I should read next. :)


Cathy said...

I am sorry that you got fired... but I gotta say.. this is pretty funny to read! Love your stories amd screw the government!

Twingle Mommy said...

I'm sorry to hear you were fired. I'm up to 90 cents on Amazon so I hope I don't get fired anytime soon. I sure would hate to miss out on all that money.