Saturday, November 19, 2011


I got this email from Ben's speech therapist last month. It made my day/week/month/year...

Subject: Sweet Boy

Hi Mrs. ####,

Thought you'd enjoy hearing one of Ben's comments in speech today. We were playing a conversational game, and he got the question, "What is the best gift you've ever received?" to which he answered, "Charlie". I knew I had to share! :)

I wish that we could take credit for how sweet and loving Ben is. But, he was born that way. He is a special person. We're just lucky he's ours. :)

Christmas 2006

(BJ&D - 4yrs old. Charlie 5mos.)

I can guarantee that at this point of trying to get a picture, my face did not look anywhere near as loving and patient as Ben's.

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