Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ben, Jack, Drew and I went to the planetarium tonight with Cub Scouts.  I always like the planetarium and the planetarium lady did an excellent job presenting to the kids.  The boys all seemed to be very interested and enjoyed the presentation.  

When we got home, Ben and Jack took out their binoculars and using the sky map that they received from the planetarium, they went out to find the stars.  

Charlie never likes to be left out so, he gathered the equipment that he deemed necessary for star gazing...his Cars sun glasses and owl hat.  Then he set out to join his brothers.

Ben and Jack seemed to do pretty well using what they learned.  According to them, they saw the big dipper, the north star, Jupiter, and several other less known constellations that they were able to find on their sky map.  It was 35 degrees and super windy so, I took their word for it.  Charlie took notes about what they found.
 "The planat" (the planet)
"great "
"Drewpader" (this one cracked me up...he meant Jupiter, but it was hilarious when he was running around the house all excited about Drew-Pa-Der.  Drew thought it was pretty funny too.)
Then he continued with the big & little dippers and Dal(?)...

And, finally, in seemingly unrelated news...Tonight, Charlie declared himself "too old for Thomas the Train".  This is a huge deal because Charlie has been OBSESSED with Thomas & Friends since he's been two.  It has been, by far, his favorite thing in the world. It's true that over the last 6 months, he has not played with his trains as often and he hasn't watched the video in quite a while, but tonight was the first time that he has actually said that he is too old for Thomas.  

Awwwww...no more "Mom, now we play trains?"  over and over and over again.  

While "playing trains" has not always been my favorite thing to do, I'll admit that I'm a little sad that the train stage is officially over.  Wow, just like everyone says, it really does go fast. 

 I did find it quite amusing that on the same night that Charlie made such a big important proclamation, a few minutes later, he was wearing Cars sunglasses at night and an owl hat to go in the backyard to look at the stars.  
That's right Charlie...you are such a cool big boy!  Love it!

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