Saturday, June 27, 2009

Creative minds needed!!!

I got a new car today!! Woo Hoo!! It is a very cool car...if you think a shiny, new, white 2010 Toyota Sienna MINIVAN is cool!

Now, one of my favorite parts of my old minivan was my cute little stick family in the back window.
Right now, although my new van is cool, it is a teensy bit bland. It really needs something to make it "ours". I was thinking that I wanted to get another stick family, but we already did that and it is sooooo 2006. ;) I found a site that did little flip flop families that were so cute. We considered that, but I'm thinking that because we would need 12 shoes, it might be a little much. The same site also had a penguin family that is really cute. That is actually the one that I am leaning toward. Here is the link if you are interested.

So, here is where I wanted some help. I want a little saying or something below the "family". Last time it said "Life is Good". I still like that, but again, it's been done. I'm considering "No Vacancy" because our van is filled up....get it??? But, I was wondering if any of you could come up with a better suggestion? Please.....Spencer just suggested "No VANacy" and that is just dumb. Maybe I'll do "#1 Cubs Fans!!". HeeHee!!

I'll end this post with a farewell to my old van. I'm sure the boys will enjoy seeing the pictures of our family van 20 years from now.

So long van....


Cathy said...

CONGRATS!!! Now... where are pictures of the new van??

I will think about the people idea for you and get back to you! ;)

Jennifer said...

I totally LOVE your "No Vancancy" idea and HATE Spencer's "No Vanacy" saying. Hmmm... how often do we agree with two things at the same time?!?