Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family Movie Day...

For the first time, all 6 of us went to the movies!!! Yay! We even stayed for the whole movie, nobody cried and nobody asked us to leave...well, except Charlie, but that was over 2 hours after we got there.

We went to see "Up" in 3D. I don't know what we were thinking...Ben, Jack and Drew's first movie theatre experience was also 3D. We saw the Muppets 3D movie at Disney when they were 2 and a half. It was a DISASTER!! They all hated it and totally FREAKED OUT! It's always fun sitting in a movie theatre, that you can't leave, with three screaming 2 year olds. Sooooo not fun!! And, it took us over a year to work up the nerve to take them back into another movie theatre.

Thankfully, "Up" didn't have any of the really crazy 3D stuff like the Muppets movie did so, Charlie did fine. In fact, a few times I forgot he was there. That may have been because he was sitting next to Spencer and not me, but whatever. ;) The movie was excellent...really a cute story and awesome graphics. We all highly recommend it!!

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