Monday, June 1, 2009

Running is Fun....

Well, not really...but, "running" a 1 mile race with your family, while surrounded by friends is pretty fun.

Saturday was the annual 1 mile/5k race at the boys' school.

Charlie was my running partner and he has pretty short legs so, there was not much running done on my part. The boys, on the other hand, ran the entire race. They have been "training" for the last month with the running club at school. It paid off. I was quite impressed that they were able to run the whole thing. Even Charlie, who wasn't "eligible" for the running club ran most of the mile. He walked the rest of it as he was NOT about to get in the stroller!

Waiting for the starting horn...can you tell which boys got the "competitive genes"?

Charlie's time would have been much better if he didn't get so distracted...
"look mom, Daddy's running"
"look mom....park!"
"look mom...yellow arrow AND green arrow!"
"look mom...water...I WANT WATER!!!

"The Guys" and their medals.
Ben - 12:59
Jack - 12:59
Drew - 15:24
Charlie - 22:47


Cathy said...

Very cool!! Congrats Guys!!

I love Charlie's distractions! ;) I think he is just excited that he is talking A LOT!! ;)

Andrea said...

Your boys are so adorable and fun! I loved their plan for their birthday, too. So sweet!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome!