Friday, June 19, 2009

Go Drew!!!

As summer was approaching, we were trying to think of a sport or fun activity that Drew would enjoy. Ben and Jack were definitely going to play baseball and were quite excited about it. When baseball was mentioned, Drew *said* that he was interested in playing, but at the same time, he never wanted to play catch, or do batting practice, or watch baseball and he wasn't exactly enthralled will t-ball last year. Here is a link to an example, if you don't remember from last year.

Anyway, our neighborhood has a huge swimming team. A few months ago, I asked Drew if he'd be interested in that instead of baseball. He wasn't sure, but then I was explaining how a swim meet worked and he was convinced when I said "they have a stop-watch to time how fast you swim....just like on WIPEOUT!".

It was a great plan except for one small problem....he..... ummmmm......didn't really know how to swim. Ooops. But, I had a plan!! When I signed him up a few months ago, my plan was that we would get him in some lessons before the season started and as soon as our pool opened, we would get over there and get him up to speed. It was a great plan except for the fact that this is the kid that BROKE HIS ARM! It's hard to learn to swim with a broken arm. We also got really busy with school, the birthdays and all of the year end activities so, needless to say, when the season started Drew still did not know how to swim.

I was really stressing about what to do. I ended up taking Drew to the first practice and quick ran over to the coach to tell her to make sure that he didn't sink. He survived the first "practice" with his bright red cast, and a lot of help from the coaches and the lane lines. Unfortunately, it rained the rest of the week. He skipped the first 2 meets because we figured that he needed a little more practice before swimming in a real meet. This week was a bit better, weather wise, so he got to participate in all of the practices. Even though he still really needed to rely on the lane line, he no longer needed the coach so, he participated in his first meet Thursday night.

Our little fish getting ready for his 1st meet...

Drew swam in boys 8 and under, 25 meter, free style. It was definitely a proud Mom moment. He worked so hard and made his way across the whole pool. I even had enough room on my memory card to record the whole 1.31 minute swim. It was very cool!

After the race...

One proud kid!

Drew is very much looking forward to his next meet and improving on his time. We can't wait!!


Samantha said...

That is so great! Way to go Drew!

msmichelel said...

That is awesome!! Good for him!
I had hoped to get Stephen or Ryan to go for the swim team, but no such luck (and the kicker is that Stephen is such a good swimmer - don't know what his hang up is about the team - his swim coach from last year was dissapointed that he wasn't going to do the swim team, sigh.

Cant wait to hear more about Drew and his swimming! Hope to see you guys at the pool sometime (or maybe a playdate for Ryan and Ben)

Jennifer said...

Awesome Job Drew!!! I can't wait to see you improve your time in an upcoming meet!

pb&jtime said...

How brave! I'll try to keep Drew in my mind the next time I'm nervous about trying something new - very impressive!

The Wright Trips said...

Woohoo! Drew is so adorable. I love the picture with his goggles on. Made me smile!


Anonymous said...

Drew - I am so PROUD of you!!!! I don't know if I could swim that far. Maybe we can catch one of your meets. By the way, it was the same day as my Baby's 22nd birthday. When I told him what you did, he said it was a great birthday present for him!! - love ya Elaine