Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tonight, the boys' t-ball team (the Phillies) had a game against the Cardinals. If you are not familiar with these teams, they both wear RED shirts. Since this is t-ball, they do not have the benefit of home and away jerseys....apparently, not enough companies want to sponsor t-ball. Anyway, this can be quite confusing for everyone involved. It can be especially confusing for our little #4 (Drew) who is not always super interested in THE game! Before bed tonight, the boys were each talking about different parts of the game. Ben got hit with a line drive at short stop so, he mentioned that and he also tagged someone out at 2nd base. Jack was pretty excited about scoring each of the 4 times that he was up to bat.

Here was Drew's contribution to the conversation.

Drew: "Hey Mom, did you see me at 3rd base tonight?"

Me: "Sure I did"

Drew: "Did you see when I was at 3rd base and I forgot that I was playing a paditian (position)"

Me: "You mean you were playing 3rd base and you forgot?"

Drew: "Yeah"

Me: "what happened?"

Drew: "Weeelllllll, I forgot I was playing a paditian and I started running home when the batter hit the ball. But, then I remembered that I was playing a paditian so I stopped."


Cathy said...

Too cute!! I guess this is what happens when you have someone who is not really into the game! He must of been reading someone's shirt or checking out the numbers. LOL!! Too cute Drew! Way to go for getting on base! :)

Jennifer said...

Soooo funny!!! I do not remember this story at all. Thanks for the link!