Monday, June 16, 2008

Things that make you go ewwww.....

In the boys bathroom, there is not any wall space for a toilet paper holder. I know that we have to figure something else out, but we have just been keeping a roll on the back of the toilet. Yesterday, when I was giving Jack a bath, he pointed to the roll of t.p. and mentioned that he made "a mistake" with it the night before. I looked at it and saw it was all wrinkley. That is not too unusual because the boys bathroom seems to get quite wet. Anyway, he said that he "dropped it into the toilet" ok, gross...........but then he continued..."yeah, I dropped it in when I was try to wipe my bottom.". Major YUCK!!!!

Why would he put the roll back on the top of the toilet after pulling it out of the toilet full of poop??? What if he didn't happen to mention that to me...YUCK!!

Makes me just want to go disinfect the whole house right now...and again tomorrow....and the day after that!!!!

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Mishelle said...

Oh...the stories I could tell.....My neighbor who has 4 boys (all one at a time) used to tell me that she painted her bathroom walls pee colored and I just could never understand that until now.....The other day she told me she changes the toilet seat once a month too...still haven't figured that one out but I'm sure between you and me...someday we will!