Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Maybe it is a 'mom of preemies thing', or maybe it is just a 'mom thing', but there is not much in the world that is more satisfying than watching your kids accomplish something new. Yesterday, we had one of those moments.

Quite often in the summer, we take a walk, of about a mile, after dinner. A few years ago, we took the walk by pushing the boys in their stroller. Two years ago, they rode their Big Wheels. Last year, they rode their bikes with training wheels. This year, they have been riding their scooters. But yesterday, for the first time, all 3 boys rode their bikes, without training wheels for our walk!! I can't believe they all could do it. I knew that this is something that we were going to work to try to accomplish this summer, but I had no idea that they would do it so quickly.

If I had a crystal ball and I could have seen future events, last night is one of those nights that I would have really wanted to see 6 years ago! To think about all of the big and little concerns that we have had for the boys, since before they were born, getting a quick peek at the 3 of them riding their bikes (without training wheels!!) sure would have given me a lot more peace of mind.

When my doctor noticed something by ultrasound in Drew's abdomen, about 3 weeks before he was born and was very concerned and said "I don't know what that is, but it looks like blood, but if it was blood, he'd be dead", a quick image of last night on the crystal ball would have been wonderful.

Same with the day we started getting physical therapy for Ben at 7 months old because he refused to put any weight on his legs.

And, we definitely could have used a peek at the crystal ball when at 21 months old, Jack STILL was not walking!!

But now, look at them all go!! I can't believe it!! We are very blessed.


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful post. Brought tears to my eyes thinking about their previous challenges and where they are today. You are sooo right, your family is truly blessed (actually we all are for having your boys in our lives!)

Tasha said...

Kelly, you do such a great job of expressing all of your cherished moments.I am very proud of your boys and their accomplishments. I am so glad all these wonderful moments are replacing all the concerns you had when they were younger. There may not have been a crystal ball, but it's been a magical journey for your family , hasn't it?