Friday, June 6, 2008

Disrupting the Universe...

We decided that with the boys turning 6, it was time to give them a little more room in their bedroom and bunk two of the beds. So, as a surprise to the boys, Spencer bunked them while the boys were at school, on their birthday.

In moving around the furniture, we ended up having to switch around the planets to make room for the upper bunk. Spencer ended up moving the 'sun' to the other end of the room and then we just reversed the plants. We didn't think it was a big deal.

When the boys got home from school, they were very excited. Jack was a bit disappointed that he was going to sleep in the one regular bed first. (We are going to rotate every 2 weeks.) He expressed his disappointment, but then accepted it and laid down on the bed and said "ok, fine, I'll just sleep here on Ben's bed until it's time to move". Huh? We told him that he was not sleeping in 'Ben's bed', it was his bed. He said "no, it's Ben's bed because it is next to the closet door and Ben always has slept next to the closet door". Double HUH? I showed him that it was his bed because it had his red sheets on it and the door it was next to wasn't the closet door, but the bathroom door. He said "but wait, that can't be the bathroom door because the SUN is over there!!!".

Can you believe that!!! The poor child was using the blow-up sun and the entire blow-up solar system as his point of reference in his bedroom. We moved the sun and now he couldn't even find the bathroom!! LOL!! You would have thought that he would have been able to figure it out, it is not like we moved the door from the hallway or the WINDOWS that he has slept right next to for the past 3 years. Nope...the blow-up sun that has been in his room for 6 months! Maybe Jack is a little too smart for his own good. I mean it is great that he recognizes the sun as the best thing to use to find your way, but he needs to realize that a blow-up one doesn't quite work the same way.

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