Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm a good mom too...

I was checking out my friend, Theresa's blog yesterday and was quite impressed with the cool activites that she did with her kids for the first day of summer vacation. She is apparently going to keep it up over summer vacation. I want to be like that, but little hands covered in paint, in my kitchen still gives me nightmares. I'll have to get to work on some good ideas to keep their brains active this summer. I feel like God gave us some pretty smart kids, I'd hate to ruin it by letting them fill up their minds with memorizing more sequences of the DVD Bingo games that they love so much. ;)

So, here is my "I'm a good mom too" contribution. Yesterday, which was our second day of summer vacation, I took the boys to the bookstore for them each to spend a giftcard that they received from Don & Joan for their birthday. If you think about it, there is a lot to learn for a little kid, with his own money, in a bookstore. We actually had a really good time. I mean, it can be quite stressful being in a bookstore with 4 little kids, all going in different directions with decisions to be made and money to spend. But, they all came out of there happy and with appropriate books. Whew! And, I only had to contribute $2.08 to the excursion...Bonus!

Thanks Don & Joan, the boys can't wait to tell you all about what they picked out!!

And, if that is not enough, then we went to Costco for the first of many trips that I plan to make over the summer. My plan is to have a bowl of fruit sitting on the kitchen counter all summer long. That way if someone is *huuuunnnngry*, they can have a good nutritious snack any time they want. Gotta love summer!!!
Yummies from Costco

After we went to Costco, we went to McDonalds. I hope that doesn't reduce my "good mom" status.


Anonymous said...

Your last little "McDonnalds" comment made me lol :-).

Anonymous said...

The fruit balances out the McDonald's. In my book, you're waaay ahead of the game. That fruit looks really good. Now, I'm going to have to make a run to Costco. Thanks a lot Kelly! ;)