Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Look Out 1st Grade...

Here they come!!!

Today was the last day of kindergarten. Wow, that went fast! It was a very successful year and we couldn't have been happier with their teachers and overall experience. The boys seem to have some mixed emotions about being done with school for the summer. They are excited to have the free time and to go to the pool, but they will miss school. I wonder if this is the last year for "missing school" over summer break.
Their teachers were *nice* enough to let the kids take home a 'blow-up letter person' from their classroom. The kids could either pick a letter person or pick something from the surprise box. Of course, my boys thought that having a letter person was just about the coolest thing in the world. How did the teachers know that 3 letter people were exactly what we needed to have in our house after trying to find space for all of the presents from the "ultimate birthday party" last week? I think we might need a bigger house!! Notice in the picture, their friend Kyle is also holding his 'prize' from the surprise box. It is a skinny green balloon. Not my kids...NOPE...Big Blow-Up Letter People! LOL!! I'm just teasing, we are thrilled to have our new letter people additions...but, it is pretty funny. Lisa, if you still read this, I hope you have a good time blowing up that skinny green balloon over and over again. We got one last week. ;)

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