Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Six Years Old!!!

What a day!! It is funny, I had so many people come up to me today and tell me that they wondered what a birthday party for 6 year old triplets would look like. Well, here you didn't even have to be there.
The boys celebrated their birthday with their kid's party at an indoor bounce place. Last year, I let them each invite 9 kids from their class and then we invited a few neighbors. We ended up with about 23 kids. This year, I let them each invite 10 from their class and we ended up with 32 kids!!! I was shocked....everyone is apparently free from 1-3 on Wednesday afternoons! Overall, it was a great party. The people at the bounce place did a great job and my only responsibility was to bring a cake and party favors. The party room was a little trashed when 32 kids were finished with it, but there was no permanent damage done and none of the bounce thingies popped. I call that successful. All the kids went home all sugared up, sweaty and with big smiles. The boys really enjoyed playing with all of their friends. As you can imagine, it was difficult to get good pictures, but here are a few.

"Happy Birthday to you..."
Toy Craziness!!!


Tasha said...

Cute to the sixth power! Fun Fun Fun. It's great having the party at a place and getting to go home afterwards. Hope the boys love all their toys.

Cathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEN, JACK, and DREWWWWWW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU!!! Happy Birthday Boys!! I am so glad you guys had a fun day and I will see you on Saturday to celebrate! Love you! (p.s. I was checking out the toys in the background of the picture to make sure they don't have we we got for them.. but it was hard to tell... LOL!!) :)