Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A big, big, BIG day!!!

Ben, Jack and Drew are turning SIX tomorrow!!! Time really does fly. I'm not going to blog about being all sad that they are not babies any more...mostly because as cute and enjoyable as they were as 1 year olds, and 2 year olds, and on and on, I totally love and enjoy the little boys that they are today. These are the fun times. They are still mostly carefree little people that see the world as a great and really fun place! Watching them grow up is better than I could have imagined.

So, although I don't wish for them to be babies any more, I do love looking back at their pictures and definitely wouldn't pass up the opportunity to go back to each of the years for one more hug or snuggle. They were all good years.

May 28, 2002
Spencer, right out of the delivery room.
Each boy's footprint, name, weight and lenth were marked on his gown.

Benjamin Patrick
May 28, 2002

Jack Michael
May 28, 2002

Andrew Walter
May 28, 2002

Jack, Ben, Drew
1 Year Old
Jack, Ben & Drew are 2!

Ben, Jack & Drew
We're 3...we think!

Ben, Jack & Drew ~4 Years Old

Jack, Ben & Drew turning 5!


Tasha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS! Lovely trip down memory lane, six years WOW.
Time does go by so fast.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Birthday Ben, Jack, and Drew! I hope you have the bestest birthday ever!


Mishelle said...

Happy 6th birthday guys~!! Enjoy your special day!