Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Bring out the white pants and sandals, it is the non-official start of summer!!! YAY!!! We've been waiting a long time for summer!! Unfortunately, tomorrow we are expecting a high of 55 degrees. We did enjoy a great day today in the nice weather. We had a barbeque at my mom and dad's house with all of the grandparents. Not a bad way to spend a Monday.

The boys looked very cute today and I was hoping to get a good picture of all of them. I was disappointed to not get that perfect picture! Here are the rejects, I'm sure that I'll like them better as time goes on. But right now, all I see are boys that are not looking at the camera, or looking bored, they turned out too bright and the poses look dorky. Maybe I need a better camera. ;)


Anonymous said...

Darn kids, not letting mommy take a good picture! ;) Mine are the same way. By the way, I think those pictures are cute.


Tasha said...

The kids are so cute it doesn't matter the "pictures" aren't masterpiecs. The boys are! And Happy Memorial Day to you too!