Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Phillies!!!

I can't believe I just said that!! Boy, I have to change my thinking.

They are cute Phillies though... (May 2008)

The boys had their first practice with their t-ball team tonight. It actually went really well! I have a good feeling about this season.

Last year, we did t-ball through the park distract and it was not a super successful experience. The park district t-ball *league* is run by some college students. They had *games* twice a week and each *game* lasted one hour. The college kids that were running the program were very nice, but there was not much organization and to say the boys were not real interested would be an understatement.

All 3 of the boys enjoyed batting, but playing defense was not a high priority for them. I'm guessing that the problem is pretty common with 5 year olds. Anyway, my kids figured out a way to get out of playing in the field. Jack was the first one to think of it. After his team had batted, he would tell the coach that he had to go to the bathroom. Drew also thought this was a great idea and the two of them continued it for a couple of games. It took so long to cross the fields, the parking lot and go through the community center to use the bathroom, they each would miss an inning of playing in the field. That is quite a bit of the game, when you consider that most games only lasted 2 innings!! I was steaming mad when I realized that we were being played. But, what is a mom supposed to do....yell "you don't have to go potty, go back out into the field" at her kids in front of the college age coaches and all of the spectators?!?!? I think that would have gone over like a ton of bricks. I would no longer have been known as the mom with all of those boys, I would have been known as the Potty Nazi Mommy. Needless to say, Drew, Jack and I had a 'discussion' after that game and there was no more pottying in t-ball after that. Drew did spend most of his time in the field chatting with the other players and coaches, but at least he was out there!
Jack on the Cubs in '07

Drew on the Cubs in '07

Ben on the Cubs in '07

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Tasha said...

Well that was smart of them to at least make an excuse and leave --Joey (my nephew) just sat down while he was in the outfield and Joe was busy talking with another Dad while they were suppose to be coaching. We had a great laugh! Hope they have a great season this year!