Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I don't like to blog about the weather too much because I don't think that it will be interesting to anyone....especially me when I am reading this in 20 years, but I can't help myself today.

Weather.com says that it is now 48 degrees, but feels like 42. It is NOON and May 27th!!! It is absolutely horrible outside. Yesterday, people were going to the pool. We even had to turn on the air conditioning last night because it was so hot for sleeping. This morning, I flipped the thermostat right from the air conditioning to the heater. I wore my winter coat when we walked to school and I froze. My hands were numb when I got home. Needless to say, I drove to pick the boys up.

I'm trying to see the bright side of this miserable weather, but I'm struggling. I've come up with 2 positives, but they are weak.

1. I could leave the groceries in the garage when I went to pick the boys up from school because nothing was going to spoil.

2. Maybe this is killing any mosquitos that were getting ready to come out.

Can anybody come up with any more to help us all feel better?


tasha said...

How "bout not having to water the garden because it is so dried up from the heat??? I was happy to stay in and be cozy today after the heat yesterday but brrr enough is enough how 'bout a month of no air or heat!

Katie said...

because it will make that next 75 degree day feel all the warmer!