Sunday, May 11, 2008

Little Person, Big Presence!!! (Updated 05/12)

Charlie is sick....and grumpy. He started running a fever last night and is quite miserable. He must have received the same training as Jack in 'how to act when you are sick'. He follows Mom or Dad around all day whining and crying. The poor, little guy was quite pitiful.

The worst part of this particular illness is that we can't figure out what is the matter with him. Spencer took him to urgent care this morning. He had 101 temperature at the Dr.'s office, but his ears look fine and the Dr. says his throat looked fine. She did not see a reason to do the strep test. *I* think he has strep. I just wanted to put that in writing so that when it comes out that he has strep, I can say "I told you so". Don't get me wrong, I am not wishing strep on him just so that I can be right. But, based on my "medical training" (almost 6 years of being a mom), I think he has strep. Stay tuned...if he is still running a fever tomorrow, I'm callin' our real doctor.

ETA: Charlie is feeling much better today. I guess that I was WRONG and he doesn't have strep. I don't know why he had a fever, but thankfully his fever broke in the middle of the night and he is feeling MUCH better today. It is nice to have my fun little guy back!!


Cathy said...

I hope you feel better Charlie!! Poor little guy! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor little guy. Even though he's sick; he's still cute! ;)