Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drew is Star Student...FINALLY!!!

Drew and his teacher 01/08

After patiently waiting for all of the other kids in his class to be "Star Student", Drew finally had his turn to be the shining star. How appropriate that Drew was star student the same day as the letter parade and letter party. Sooooo Drew!!

Drew did a wonderful job being "Star Student". He sat up in the front of his class and read the story "Matthew A.B.C.". The story was very cute and had some funny parts. His classmates were really into it so, he loved that! He started reading the story pretty quietly, but his friends were enjoying it so much, he soon became comfortable and even started to give them advance notice when a "funny part" was coming up. After the story, he went through his list of "favorites" and told his classmates about all of the pictures that he brought. All 19 pictures!!! Finally, after he was finished, his friends spent a few minutes asking him questions. It was fun to see Drew sooooo excited about being Star Student and he seemed very relaxed with his friends. Definitely another proud mom day for me!!

Here are some of his favorites:

Ice cream Flavor: Chocolate

Movie: Jungle Book

TV Show: All Grown Up (the funny part is that he can't say the title without singing/shouting it like the theme song for the show...very cute!)

Pet: A Dog

Proudest Accomplishment: Riding his 2 wheeled scooter, with one foot up in the air

Happiest when: He's with mom (awwww!)

Favorite Food: Cheerios (always has been, in fact it used to be the only food that he would eat!!)

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Baseball Team: Chicago Cubs!

Favorite Number: 2

A classmate asked Drew which brother was his favorite...uh oh...He thought for a long time and then said he wasn't sure....whew!!

Here are the pictures that Drew chose to show his friends. He picked a lot of pictures and had a good time showing his friends and telling them all about his life. Way to go Drew!!!

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Tasha said...

Drew is a shining star for sure!