Friday, May 2, 2008

Have you seen this Child???

Yup, it finally happened, we lost one.....don't worry, we did find him again. I'll tell you all about it in a minute.

We went to the Kane County Cougars game tonight. They played the Clinton LumberKings. The boys earned tickets to the game for doing 6 hours worth of reading earlier this year. It was a lot of work for them because I only counted the time that they were reading, not when someone was reading to them. I thought that would be too easy for them. Anyway, they all completed the required amount of reading and earned a ticket to the baseball game and a ticket to Great America to be used this summer.

We had a very stormy day today, but the sky actually looked pretty good when we were getting ready to go to the game. Since we already had the tickets, we figured that we would gamble with the weather. About 15 minutes after arriving at the game, we did have one downpour that lasted about 5 minutes, but 5/6 of the people in our family had raincoats. So, everyone but Daddy was warm and dry...and Daddy survived. We all had a great time at the game, there was a lot of socializing, eating of hotdogs and nachos, and singing and dancing. Oh yeah, there was a bit of baseball watching too. Not too much of that though, as nobody seemed upset when we left at the bottom of the 8th inning, with the score tied 2-2. It was a great night, except, of course, for the part where we lost Drew.

Charlie's lovin' the hotdog at his first baseball game

Back to the part about losing Drew. Let's see, how did we lose Drew. Well, we did no lose him while walking into the park with the 6,000+ other people there to see the game, nor did we lose him while standing in line to get the free t-shirt and we definitely did not lose him when we were trying to make our way through the crowd, inside the park, when he was looking around everywhere except the direction we were going and the person that he was supposed to be following. No we did not lose him any of those places, we pretty much lost him while sitting in our seats. What happened was that Spencer got up to get a drink and use the bathroom. Drew followed him out. I saw Drew right on Spencer's heels, but I did not know that Spencer did not know that Drew was there. Spencer went to the bathroom and Drew followed him and went into a stall to take care of his business. When Spencer was finished, he left the bathroom and got a beer and came back to the seats. He sat down and said "where's Drew?", just as I was about to ask him the same question. Spencer quickly ran back to the bathroom where he thankfully, found Drew. Drew was very happy to see his dad and was pretty upset about what happened. He did recover and was happy watching the rest of the game. I think Spencer and I may still have bad dreams about it, but Drew seems ok. I think it turned out to be a good lesson for Drew and a good reminder for all of us. Now, when I give my talk about what to do if you get lost, I'll probably have at least one little boy listening very carefully. :)

The BIG Readers!!

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Tasha said...

AHHHH the horror. That is the worst feeling in the world. I'm sooooo glad you found him right away. Thankfully you were at a very family friendly place, but still you never know. My stomach is still feeling whoosy. I have been at both ends of that "lost" child- both times only for a few minutes but it feels like a lot longer. Panic stricken as you may be here is some advice -in case it ever happens again. My policeman husband gave me specific instructions: if ever inside somewhere and lose a child head straight for the exit and have the management assist that all exits are covered until your child is recovered. I wouldn't have thought of that myself while I was frantically searching. I'm soooo glad Drew was quickly found.