Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dumb it down for us Drew.

Maybe this is common with a lot of 5 (oops 6) year olds, but Drew has a tendency to start talking mid-thought. It's like he assumes that other people are thinking the same thing that he is thinking so, when he starts talking, we should all understand what he is talking about. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but he seems to habe perfected the 'duh!' look that he uses when he has to go back and explain what he is talking about.

For example, as we are crossing the street to go to school this morning, Drew casually says to the crossing guard "Well....ya know.....I'm not going to be six until 10, 27". The crossing guard must hear a lot of strange things from the little kids. She just smiled at him and said "ok, that's great". Then she looked at me like 'what the heck is he talking about!'. I was left to quickly explain to her that today was his birthday and since he was born at 10:27 six years ago, he decided that he would not officially be six until 10:27 this morning. On his way home from school, he was happy to report that he officially turned 6 in music class...his favorite class....what a great day!

My dad once told Drew that he was a very "interesting person". Drew LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that and has told me many times since that day that Grandpa thinks he is such an interesting person! Anyway, my dad is right, Drew is very interesting and always has interesting stuff to say. Sometimes you have to dig a little to figure out what he is talking about, but actually, the crazier it sounds when he first says it, the more interesting it turns out to be. If you don't believe me, ask him why his favorite baseball team is the Cubs.


Tasha said...

I think Drew is brilliant, let me know if he likes that!

Cathy said...

That is so cute!! It is always fun to hear the things that Drew comes up with! I think he should start a journal or write a book of all this stories!! It would be a big seller!! I am so THRILLED that Drew is a Cubs fan and I will definitely remember to ask him about the Cubs question! Happy Birthday Drew.. and Jack and Ben!!! See you all on Saturday!