Monday, May 19, 2008

Boys are cool!!!

May 2007
I think that we have perfected our morning routine....well, except for how the house looks when we leave for school. When I worked, I was a master with the snooze button. I am horrible at getting up in the morning. I always try to sleep as late as I can and still make it to wherever I have to be on time. At the beginning of the school year, I got up at 7:00 and then got the boys up about 7:35 to get ready for school. I have now managed to improve my time and catch a few extra zzzz's in the morning. I am now *ok* as long as I get into the shower by about 7:24. I wake the boys up by 7:50. All 4 boys get bathed, dressed, fed and coats and shoes on by 8:35. I think that is pretty impressive.

I thank God every day for giving my children to me. I think God really knew what he was doing by giving me all boys. There are a lot of great reasons that it is awesome to have 4 boys. For me, a big one is that all 4 of them can get in and out of the bathtub, dressed and hair combed in 20 minutes. Gotta love that!! I definitely would not trade any of my boys for a little girl. I mean aside from the cute outfits and having a good reason for me to go to the American Girl store, boys are just as good and in a lot of ways better (if you ask me.) ;)

So, obviously, I feel pretty good about having my 4 little boys. I am happy to share my feelings about that with anyone that comments about our family dynamic. "Blah...blah..blah...I LOVE having my 4 boys and no, I don't wish that I had a girl, and by the way, aren't they really CUTE little boys!! Who wouldn't want such cute little boys?!?!".

One day, I was at the mall with the boys and a really old lady came up to talk to me as we were eating lunch in the food court. She asked if they were "ALL mine" and then she confirmed that they were "ALL boys". I gave her my usual speal about how I really enjoy all of these boys and no, I don't wish I had a girl....blah...blah...blah. Well, her response really threw me for a loop.

She says "yeah, it's all great to have little boys....the problem turns out to be that they all grow up and then you end up with nothing but Daughter-in-laws!!".

Ouch! That is definitely a downside that I had not considered.

At least my sister has all boys too. That way, I will have someone to go to the mall with if my boys' brides don't appreciate spending time with their nice, young, cool, hip mother-in-law.


Mishelle said...

I've already thought that one out with my 4 boys! Maybe a downside but maybe we will be the cool mother in laws!? It may be payback time for me

Tasha said...

Your boys are so awesome that they will have the pick of so many girls that I am confident they will choose awesome wives. You are doing a great job at raising them that they will have great judgement when making their choices. Hopefully you will realize how awesome your daughter - in - laws are right away!