Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's have a contest!!!

Ok, I saw this link on Brookhart's blog and thought it was pretty cool. BTW Brookhart, very cute kids and thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Anyway, this is a link to test your typing speed. How fun! I haven't had a timed typing test since high school and I always love a good contest! Apparently, all of this blogging has not increased my speed that much. bummer. Let me know how you do!

63 words

EDITED TO ADD: Wait, I did better this time. This is my real score. ;)

65 words

Speed test

EDITED AGAIN....must beat Mishelle....must beat Mishelle... ;)

75 words

Speed test


Mishelle said...

65 for me....I'll try again in the morning...I'm tired and my eyes started to cross!!

Laura said...

64 for me...I'll try again in a while!

Mishelle said... win 69 and have a "visitor" sitting on me who doesn't want to move so I am done today.

The Wright Trips said...

Darn you woman! Now I'm addicted to this! Ha, ha

"Mamalove" on TC, "sweetpeamama" on S&R

I typed 73 words