Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1st Tee Ball Game Today!!!

The first, real t-ball game for my oldest children was scheduled for tonight at 6:15. This is a big deal. We have been talking about it all day. We made sure that we knew where the uniforms were as well as the mitts and hats. I made dinner early, Daddy left work to make it home on time. The boys and I even practiced some batting this afternoon. The boys were even in the car EARLY to leave for the game. I guess that I shouldn't really say early though because Jack and Drew did end up jumping out to use the bathroom one last time and then Drew had to go back inside to get his mitt. Good thing there is not a lot of equipment to bring for t-ball. Anyway, we made it to the field with a few minutes to spare, or so we thought....

Unfortunately, it rained quite a bit this afternoon and the "powers that be" decided that the skies didn't look to good this evening. And, really unfortunately, somehow, we got missed when the phone calls cancelling the game were made. How does that happen...one phone call...20% of the team done...I think I'd be makin' that phone call first.

Well, we ended up doing what any other mom and dad would do with a car full of kids that were bummed about not playing their 1st t-ball game...we went to Good 'Ole Mickey D's for some ice cream. They perked up quickly.

After McDonalds, we went home to play out in front for a little while. I kept yelling at them to get off the grass with their baseball pants on. I felt like Kate from "Jon & Kate + 8"...ahhh!!! I really don't mind if they get grass stains on baseball pants, but I would at least like them to wear them for an actual game before they get them stained. ;)

The boys got a basketball hoop for their birthday from Spencer and I so, they decided to play that because no grass stains!! The big news of the night turned out to be that the first official basket was made by one of the boys. Ben made a nice little shot right into the hoop. Yay!! Jack and Drew are still working on it. Jack is determined to make a basket one day very soon. He is getting closer but needs to get the ball up just a few more inches.

Here is a picture of the boys *playing defense*. They are all ready for the rebound. LOL!

And, just in case you were wondering, no, we were not out playing basketball in the rain. It never did rain again...grrrr. I'll have to post again on Thursday when their "First Official T-Ball Game II" is supposed to happen.

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Tasha said...

No matter what ,you always make the best of it! That is why I always enjoyed spending time with you. Traffic jam , no problem lets play ball! No flights out, no problem we willjust wander around meijer. Ha the good ole days. I can't wait to hear how the game goes Thur