Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Ooooooppps....a little belated. Anway.....

How lucky am I that I picked out such a cute, nice, wonderful husband that also happened turned out to be a fabulous daddy! I could make a whole post about what a great dad he is, and I'll probably do that on another day, but today I thought that I would let the boys tell you why their "daddy is the bestest" and what they love about their dad.

  • playing the big frisbee game
  • going to the playground
  • playing the Memory Game
  • walking around the block
  • playing Elmo Uno
  • Playing "tag" in Daddy's room
  • eating grapes and pretzels with Daddy
  • going to the movie theatre


  • Daddy is funny
  • playing sports
  • biking and scootering around the neighborhood
  • playing Monopoly
  • Playing Hide N Seek when Daddy hides behind the computer room door
  • watching baseball games


  • playing "superhero"
  • watching "kids's shows" on tv
  • going to a restaurant
  • going on rides on vacation with him
  • swimming in the ocean
  • when Daddy says "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"
  • playing "Simon Says"


  • "DaDa"


Jennifer said...

The other day I teased Craig for ‘stealing’ one of Spencer’s sayings when talking to his boys. Following was Craig’s reply to my teasing "I hope I copy a lot of what Spencer does with his boys. What a great ‘dad’ role model." Craig couldn’t have been more right!!!

Tasha said...

Spencer is Awesome, you two are perfect for each other. That's how you ended up with the perfect family!Yes, You are the most perfect family I have ever known.I love the boys lists, they are so sweet.

Tasha said...

Ok ,I'll have to take that back if that "perfect" photo of the boys was actually taken on Father's Day and you still have a Christmas tree up. The beach photo is also a great one too!