Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our little "all-star"

If you've never seen 5 year olds play T-ball, you are missing out. It is definitely an experience....especially watching them play defense.

Some of the kids have no interest at all, they look at the clouds and the grass; they play with their glove and their hat; and they talk to whoever happens to be within earshot.

Some of the kids have been "well coached" to go get the ball. It doesn't matter if the batter has hit the ball 3 feet, 2/3rd's of the outfielders as well as many infielders are going to run in and try to get the ball. I really shouldn't say "get the ball" is more accurate to say that they will dive for the ball and then lay on it so that none of the other players, from their own team, can take it away from them. Then, after they are sure that they have sole-possession of the ball, they will stand up and throw it to 1st base...most of the time.

Needless to say, there are not a lot of "outs" made at 5 year old t-ball. Luckily, the way they play a game of t-ball, the inning is over when 5 runs score, or 3 outs are made, whichever comes first. Thank goodness for that rule because there has only been one inning where the Phillies got 3 outs on the other team.

Now changing gears, there are a *few* kids that are really interested in baseball and "get it". We are proud to have one of these players in our family. Jack LOVES t-ball!! He "gets" baseball. He knows the rules (well, most of the rules) he knows where the positions are, he knows when it is his turn to bat, he even remembers to bring his hat and MITT out with him to the field. In fact, Spencer was lining up the team the other day in batting order and Jack noticed his spot in the lineup. He told Spencer, with a bit of disappointment in his voice, that he was not going "to score" that inning. Spencer was like Huh? Jack said "yeah Dad, I'm going to be on 3rd base when the inning is over, well, unless someone gets out." Sure enough, Jack was standing on 3rd base when the inning was over. Now this is a kid that is interested in the game!!

So, here is my *brag* moment. A couple of weeks ago, Jack was assigned the prime position of "pitcher". You may laugh and wonder what is so "prime" about being the pitcher in a t-ball game. Well, sure it is true that he does not actually throw any pitches, but it is also true that 5 year olds hit the ball to the pitcher a lot!!! Our little man ended up fielding almost every ball that inning and got the Phillies out of the inning by getting 3 outs!!! This was huge, it had never been done before by the Phillies. Jack threw the ball to 1st to get 2 outs and then he fielded the ball and ran home to get a force out at the plate for the 3rd out. It was awesome!

Jack was so proud of himself. He is still talking about it, well, as a matter of fact, my mom and dad happened to be at that game and my dad is still talking about it too! :) It was definitely a happy day for all of us.

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Cathy said...

Awwww... that's my BOY!! Way to go Jack!! I definitely have to catch a game to watch them play! See you all on Saturday!