Sunday, June 1, 2008

Look Quick!!!

This may never happen again.

All of our baseball teams are in 1st place!!! The Cubs, Phillies and White Sox are all in 1st place....there must be a full moon tonight!!! Mommy, Jack and Drew are Cubs Fans. Ben and Daddy are Phillies fans. And, we all (supposedly) like the White Sox....that's a big supposedly, if you ask me.

June 1, 2008



Anonymous said...

As a southsider, how can you be a Cubs fan? Yuck! Go Sox!!! ;)


Kelly said...

LOL Michelle!! You'll love this...
The way that I remember it, when I was a little kid, my dad got very mad that the White Sox switched to "pay tv" (cable). He said that nobody should have to PAY to watch baseball on tv. That is when we all became south-side Cub fans. Never paid a dime for good 'ole WGN!

I also have a cousin that is a huge Sox fan and although he is a great guy, he makes it very difficult to be happy when the Sox are doing well. Hi Johnny!! ;)

Tasha said...

Hey Kelly , We all just got Cubs shirts because Joey had a Cub themed birthday party. Claire looked the cutest. Perfect day too because Cubs were in 1st place-very exciting!