Sunday, June 8, 2008

Email From the Year 2032...

You know you were a child of the *new* millenium if wore Crocs.

One of my favorite spam emails has always been "If you were a little girl in the 70's and 80's". I've seen a few different versions of it, and am always really surprised at how they nail it! Here is a link to one that I like because it actually has pictures. I remember all of that stuff!

I was thinking about that email because I bought Charlie a pair of Crocs yesterday. (They look so cute on him!!!)

Buying those trendy(?) shoes, reminded me of Dr. Scholls wood shoes that we all HAD to have when we were little girls and thus reminded me of that old spam email. Anyway, what horrible shoes those Dr. Scholl's were. I can't believe that we wore them!! Mine had the wood bottom, of course, and a red strap with a buckle. Jen's were the same except she had a navy strap. I just remember that they were really hard to walk in because first of all there was no traction so, we would slide all over. Second of all, it was hard to 'grip' the shoes with your toes because they were WOOD so, our feet would slide back and forth and sideways in the shoe. I remember Jen taking a particularly bad tumble one day when her and I were walking home from "Dolton Pool" and boy was she a bloody mess. Maybe we had the *generic* ones. Hmmmm...
If Dr. Scholls made the 70's list, Crocs will surely make the 2000's list. They are so crazy looking and they are EVERYWHERE!!
Webkinz will HAVE to make the list too! We are now up to 23 Webkinz in our house. I wonder what else?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I don't know how I remember those things...since I'm only 23. ;)


Jennifer said...

lol, I bet we did have the generic version of the wooden shoes :-).