Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gotta Love the Internet!!

Have you seen the Google Maps thing where you can see your house from a satellite picture. Well, if you haven't been on there lately, they've improved it. You can now see your house from a streetview. They haven't done all of the streets yet, but it is very cool.

Here is the house that I grew up in. We moved from it when I was 14. It is much smaller in the picture than in my memory. ;)

**Edited** Actually edited a couple of times, the first time I accidently liked to Mishelle's house. I "stole" this google link from her blog. LOL! Nope, I grew up in a nice house, but it wasn't Mishelle house nice, it was the 70's afterall. Anyway, if the link doesn't come up just right, click on "streetview". When I checked it, it is showing the right corner, but the wrong direction. It is the house on the south, east corner.

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Katie said...

that is sort of scary - now you have to cut your grass for sure! Still not up in GR so I can't see what my yard is looking like at the moment - boo.