Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys....I guess

Here is a conversation that I overheard between Ben and Drew this morning.

Ben: "Hey Drew, guess what????
Poop fell out of you.........
do you know where it landed???????
......IN MY TUMMY!!!



The two of them thought this was just about the funniest thing that they have ever heard.

Is it a boy thing or are my kids seriously going to not have any friends?

I don't get it. ;)

***Edited to Add*** This did not really happen, with the poop, they made the whole thing up. It was a "joke" that Ben made up. I came back to read this post tonight and realized that it could be misunderstood. Seriously, nobody was eating any poop. At least that I am aware of.....


Cathy said...

This is VERY FUNNY!! You know.. sometimes you wonder where do they come up with stuff like that and how do they piece them together! What else do they have in those huge little brains!!

Elaine said...

Kelllllllyyyyyy - Come on, anything having to do with Poop is funny because it is gross and boys like to talk about gross stuff. Pretty soon they will be talking about burps and farts and they will crack up over that stuff too. That's what boys do.....

Kelly said...

Thanks Elaine. Not sure if you are right though....these are Spencer's kids remember. The man can't even say the word "snot" without shuddering.

Maybe Ben's "joke" was a fluke??? ;)

Anonymous said...

I get to here those jokes all the time. Even Lilly and Sam find them funny.