Saturday, June 14, 2008

A day with nothing to do... definitely a rarity in our house. We always have places to go, people to see, things to do. But, today we had no plans!! How cool is that! We considered going downtown for the Italian Festival, we considered going to NaperDays, we considered going to the pool, but we ultimately decided to spend the day in our own backyard. It was awesome. Spencer got the grass cut, I got some bushes trimmed, and all 4 boys played together, for a long time, while we worked in the yard. I always imagined that when I had little kids, they would play while I did yard work and whatever else I wanted...LOL!! Maybe it is the quantity of little kids that we have, but I didn't realize that little kids need a lot of things and usually a lot of help. But today, they played out back for a good hour without anyone needing anything from Spencer or I. Amazing!

Ben helping cut the grass

Charlie playing nicely

Elaina got the boys a TRIPLE Slip N Slide for their birthday and it was a HIT! ALL of the boys spent quite a bit of time playing on it this afternoon.

Check out this "action shot"!!

After dinner, Ben and Jack dug out their bikes and made a lot of progress riding without training wheels. Both of them did AWESOME! They can definitely do it. Jack gets messed up by pressing backwards on the pedals and activating the brakes unintentionally, but other than that, they both just need to work on the steering (Look out!!) and their confidence and they've got it! Drew's bike still has training wheels on it...just not interested right now. ;)


Anonymous said...

I could have written that entry myself. That's exactly what we did yesterday. Although, I cut the grass and trimmed the bushes. ;) The kids got that slip 'n slide for their birthday, and they love it.


Tasha said...

How fun , I wish we all had days with no where to go but our own backyards--more often. You all took great advantage of it and those pictures are awesome.