Thursday, June 5, 2008

Remebering too much!

Yesterday, Spencer was looking at the boys' report cards. Which by the way, they did very boys...lucky mom!!! Anyway, he was comparing their number of days absent. Ben and Jack both missed about four and Drew missed only one.

Spencer commented to Drew about how he only missed one day of school.

Drew said "yeah, that was October 30th"

Spencer was a little surprised that Drew remembered exactly what day he missed from school. So, he responded "so, you were sick on October 30th..."

Drew said "well....ya know....I wasn't really sick"

Spencer asked Drew why he didn't go to school if he wasn't sick.

Drew told Spencer that he didn't go to school "because mommy scared me that morning so, I thought I was sick. So, I didn't go to school.".

What the heck!?!?!?! This is the first I am hearing about this! Drew explained that he came in my room that morning and he thought I was in the shower, but I was in the closet so, when I came out I scared him.

Can you believe that!?!?! Spencer thought is was hilarious that I kept Drew from having "perfect attendance" because I scared my 5 year old so bad that he couldn't go to school. Of course, I feel horrible. This is my child that never complains about actually being sick. We never can tell if he has an ear infection or a sore throat, or anything because he just keeps plugging along. But, heaven forbit, mommy is in the closet when she is supposed to be in the shower to scare him into being sick for the day. This job is hard!

Here is a day when Drew really was sick.
March 2004..poor little guy.

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