Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mom, we've got a plan.

That is what Jack told me when we were walking to school on his birthday. And, he followed it up with...

"and I thought of it myself!"

I must admit that my curiosity was peaked.

Me: "Ok Jack, what's your plan?"

Jack: "Well, you know how at school, all of the birthday kids get their names said during morning announcements and then the birthday kids get to go to the LMC for a pencil? Well, me and Ben and Drew decided that after they announce our names, me and Drew are going to meet up in the hallway outside of our classrooms, since our classes are right next to eachother, and Ben is going to stand in front of Mrs. M's class so that me and Drew can meet him there so that all 3 of us can go into the LMC TOGETHER!! Isn't that cool...and a great plan?!?!"

I have to say that I thought that was an AWESOME plan! It is true that they are typical brothers that fight over who is the first one to brush his teeth, or take a shower, or get his piece of cake, but they seem very happy to share their birthday with their 2 best friends. Very cool!!

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